Hi! I'm Christine K. Bailey

I'm a writer, communications expert, and business growth, strategist.

Simply put, I work with first-time founders and CEOs to achieve greater success faster by getting their stories straight, and their teams on board.

Is your company on track?

Download this one-page business assessment, and find out with these ten strategic questions where the gaps are in your business.


I mentor artists, individuals and entrepreneurs through Dreaming to Doing(TM), a six-week group workshop designed to help participants set and achieve bigger goals in their lives and in their work, and to build a life and a body of work they love.


I teach on a number of topics for incubator and business programs across Arizona, including What’s Your Story?(TM), business model canvas and value proposition; 12 Steps to Starting a Startup(TM); and Building Business Infrastructure(TM) for established business owners, startup founders, and entrepreneurs.


I consult. I help companies, communities and organizations
create programs that support growth and achievement by helping leaders and
visionaries share their stories and connect with others to achieve their

“I have had the pleasure to work on multiple projects with Christine over the last two years. She is a focused leader with a keen eye for balancing long-term goals with near term requirements. Perhaps more than any other skill or person, she is able to help entrepreneurs visualize their path and based on that create and tell a compelling entrepreneurial story. She approaches her work with a win-win mindset that gets the most out of everyone with whom she engages.”

Tom Fulcher

Founder, The Idea Gardener LLC