Canyoneering in Arizona

by Dec 13, 2015


Arizona’s slot canyons make for an exciting and challenging adventure.

The only way out was forward through Salome Canyon, and in front of us lay an obstacle course of sheer drops, waterfalls, massive boulders and bottomless pools of icy water flowing from the mountains to the north. I was excited, thrilled actually, and ready for an adventure. But it wasn’t until I had waded waist deep into the frigid water that I had an inkling of what I had gotten myself into. I began to wonder if maybe I was a little crazy.

For some, that might be a sign to turn around and go back. For those of us who crave a little adventure in our lives, it means we’re on the right path. By the time we were done, I had rappelled down a 30-foot waterfall; swam across several seemingly bottomless pools of ice-cold water with my pack strapped to my back, my hiking boots on and a hard hat clapped to my head; lunched on a sunny rock at the edge of a pool; hiked several miles, climbing over rocks and sliding over boulders; shrieked my way down a couple of natural rock slides and watched a couple of teenagers jump off the canyon walls into the depths of water below.This is a trip I recommend for the adventurer in all of us! For information on more adventures like this, go to 360 Adventures.

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