fun-headshotWelcome to The Fork in the Road – where two paths diverge. My recommendation – explore them all. That’s what I do here. In my travels across the U.S. and eventually the world, I explore new places, discover new things, and meet new people, and I bring it all back here to share with you my fellow explorer. If you’re like I was, you’re an armchair adventurer yearning desperately to break free of the world you’re living in and embrace the one out there calling for you. But, you have no idea how to begin. I’m going to show you how. As the mother of two boys with a full-time job, my exploring was relegated to the city and state I lived in – so I’ve explored the heck out of it. Together we discovered new places, hidden paths and enjoyed whole new experiences. As my boys have gotten older and I’ve gotten more creative, my world has expanded and so will yours. In time, you’ll be out there exploring, discovering, and living the life you know in your heart you’re meant to be living. And when that happens, I invite you to share with me where you’ve been. what you’ve done and who you’ve met so I can celebrate with you. Until then, I’ll be exploring for both of us. The open road awaits!

Christine K. BaileyChristine K. Bailey is an advocate for exploring life’s adventures, and as a result the author of books, articles and business profiles about the people she’s met and places she’s discovered along the way. Her books include the recently published 100 Things to Do in Phoenix Before You Die (Reedy Press, 2015), and her next book is scheduled for release in late summer 2017. She writes about Tempe and Sedona for international travel site Bindu, and has written for local, regional and national print and online publications, including: PHOENIX Magazine, SheKnows.com, The Arizona Republic, AZWINE Lifestyle magazine and Southwest Meetings + Events Magazine. Her fiction and poetry has appeared in literary outlets such as The SiNK Magazine and Storyhouse Coffee. She is currently working on the first novel.


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